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Waterproofing Application

Waterproofing is more than a safeguard against water damage; it’s an investment in the longevity and integrity of your property. From basement to roof, proper waterproofing is essential to protect your investment and ensure a safe, healthy, and dry living space. Whether you choose to DIY or hire professionals, understanding the significance of waterproofing and staying informed about the latest techniques and materials is crucial in maintaining the value and durability of your property.

chema Foam offers a range of products that provide various solutions for different waterproofing applications with high quality, Such as modified cement materials and acrylic-based materials .

The difference between Cement Waterproofing and
Acrylic Waterproofing

Cement Waterproofing

A type of chemical insulation used to insulate all concrete surfaces. The product comes in a gray color because it is a cement-based product. The components of the cement are mixed with the attached liquid package and applied through paint.

Acrylic Waterproofing

A type of chemical insulation used to insulate all wooden and metal surfaces.

 The product comes in white because it is an acrylic-based product and is applied through paint or spraying.

Features and benefits of applying waterproofing

  • Preventing Structural Damage: Waterproofing is essential in safeguarding buildings and structures from water infiltration. Without proper waterproofing, water can seep into walls, foundations, and roofs, leading to structural damage such as cracks, deterioration, and weakening of the overall integrity of the property.

  • Mold and Mildew Prevention: Water intrusion can create a conducive environment for mold and mildew growth. Mold not only damages surfaces and structures but also poses health risks to occupants. Waterproofing helps maintain a dry and mold-free living or working environment.

  • Extended Lifespan: Proper waterproofing extends the lifespan of a building’s components and materials. By preventing water damage, property owners can avoid costly repairs or premature replacements of roofs, walls, and foundations.

Waterproofing Application Benefits

  • No mixing or heating required, saving labor costs.
  • Resistant to expansion/contraction and cracking.
  • Very resistant to oxidation, UV and ozone.
  • Creates an impermeable and waterproof layer.
  • Provides a durable bond.
  • Resistant to peeling, chipping and long-lasting.
  • Saves the costs of other flooring systems.

Places that Should be Waterproofed

The Walls are Below Ground Level

Walls below  ground level waterproofing is not merely an option but a necessity for protecting the structural integrity of a building.

It guards against water damage, extends the lifespan of the structural, reduces energy costs, and maintains the value of the property.

By preventing structural damage and safeguarding the indoor environment, cementitious waterproofing offers both immediate and long-term benefits to property owners.

Energy Efficiency: A waterproofed building is more energy-efficient. It helps maintain a stable indoor climate by preventing heat or cool air from escaping and reducing the workload on heating and cooling systems. This, in turn, leads to reduced energy costs.

Property Value: Waterproofed properties maintain their value and are more attractive to potential buyers. The absence of water damage and related issues contributes to a higher market value and can make properties more appealing in real estate transactions.

Interior Comfort: Waterproofing ensures a dry and comfortable interior space. It prevents leaks and water stains on ceilings or walls, preserving the aesthetics of the property. Additionally, it helps maintain a healthy indoor environment free from musty odors and allergens.

Environmental Responsibility: Using sustainable and eco-friendly waterproofing materials and techniques contributes to environmental responsibility. It reduces the carbon footprint associated with construction and property maintenance, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Mitigating Health Risks: Water damage and moisture can lead to health issues, such as respiratory problems, allergies, and skin conditions. Waterproofing helps mitigate these risks by creating a healthier indoor environment.

Cost Savings: While waterproofing involves an initial investment, it can result in significant cost savings over time. Preventing water damage and its associated repair and maintenance expenses can more than justify the upfront costs.

Protection from Weather Elements: Roofs and exterior walls are constantly exposed to weather elements. Waterproofing these areas is crucial for preventing leaks and damage caused by rain, snow, wind, and UV radiation

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Building Foundation

Traditional Waterproofing has become a practice that must be abandoned due to hazardous fumes and its negative impact on the environment and climate caused by the burning of bitumen. Now, there are more efficient and higher-quality alternatives to the traditional methods, and one of these alternatives is Cementitious Waterproofing .

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Kitchens & Bathrooms

It is critically important to pay attention to the waterproofing of kitchens and bathrooms, which are constantly exposed to water and moisture. Water seepage into walls and concrete can lead to deterioration and damage to paint layers. The problem can be much more significant if the leakage reaches the concrete surface, as it can corrode the embedded iron within the concrete, ultimately jeopardizing the building’s integrity

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Roofs & Balconies

Roofs are in a constant state of exposure to direct weather elements,  rainfall is the most perilous on concrete . Rain can lead to the infiltration of moisture and water into the concrete layer, saturating it with water, ultimately resulting in the corrosion of the reinforcing iron within the concrete. Therefore, waterproofing for residential roofs should never be disregarded.

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Swimming Pools

swimming pools waterproofing necessitates cementitious waterproofing products with high mechanical properties due to the high water pressure in swimming pools. The constant water stagnation in these areas cannot be overlooked, making the careful selection of the appropriate product imperative.

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Sewage & Seawater Channels

 Sewage and seawater channels waterproofing is a critical aspect of infrastructure maintenance and construction, especially in areas where these channels are essential for wastewater management, drainage, and environmental protection. Waterproofing these channels helps prevent water infiltration, corrosion, and structural damage, ensuring their long-term functionality. Effective waterproofing methods and materials are vital in maintaining the integrity and performance of sewage and seawater channels.

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High Dams

Waterproofing high dams is a crucial engineering task to ensure the structural integrity of these massive water storage structures and to prevent leakage and seepage that could lead to environmental, safety, and structural concerns. High dams are built to retain large volumes of water, and their waterproofing is essential to maintain their effectiveness and safety.

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Waterproofing  of Fountains is essential to maintain their structural integrity, prevent water leakage, and prolong their lifespan. Fountains are exposed to constant water exposure, making them susceptible to damage if not properly waterproofed.

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Metal surfaces

Waterproofing metal surfaces is essential to protect them from corrosion, rust, and other forms of degradation caused by exposure to moisture and environmental elements. Effective waterproofing helps extend the lifespan of metal surfaces and maintain their appearance.

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